Long Term Alpha Track Test Kit Radtrak3
Long Term Alpha Track Test Kit Radtrak3
Long Term Alpha Track Test Kit Radtrak3

Long Term Alpha Track Test Kit Radtrak3


Product Details

** To ensure environmental accuracy, Radon devices cannot be returned. **

Single use alpha track radon detector is placed in a deployment location for the duration of the measurement period (min. 90 days and up to 365 days). Once the measurement has been completed the device will need to be shipped to the manufacturers' laboratory for analysis. Once analyzed a PDF report is generated and provided by email with one number - the average radon concentration determined by the whole of the measurement period. Test kits can be deployed in a DIY application or professionally administered if preferred. Price includes laboratory analysis fees.

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• 90-365 day measurement period • Return mailer included • Clear placement instructions • Laboratory analysis included • Highly accurate measurement from ISO 17025 accredited laboratory

• Radon sampling: Passive diffusion chamber • Detection method: Alpha spectrometry • Measurement range: 0 – 500 pCi/L / 0 – 9999 Bq/m 3 • Accuracy/precision at 5.4 pCi/L / 200 Bq/m 3 : • After 7 days ~ 10 % After 2 months ~ 5 % • Weight: 148g, 5.2 oz (with batteries) • Dimension: 119x69x26mm / 4.7x2.7x1.0 inches